Retroactive unconstitutional CYA for GWB and the NSA

See Act for Change’s Call to stop Sen. Specter’s  Senate Bill 2453 .

 Click here to tell your Senators to reject the Cheney-Specter bill:

Senate Bill 2453 would not only legalize the wiretapping program; it
would also transfer all lawsuits pending against the program into the
secretive FISA court — where they could be dismissed for no reason at
all. Simply put, if we care about our privacy and the Fourth Amendment
to our Constitution, this legislation must be stopped.

Click here to tell your Senators to vote NO on S. 2453:

I would expect illegal wiretaps in Russia.  I would expect the Russian parliament to ex post facto legalize spying against its constitution. I never thought I would see the day Americans would throw out the constitution, due process, probable cause and the checks and balances that restrain law enforcement from trampling civil rights.


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