Is ABC that stupid?

 ABC is about to air a Clinton-bashing 6-hour-long propaganda movie, “The Path to 9/11”. See the Act for Change page:

I had this to say (some text supplied by the Act for Change template):

If you want a BOYCOTT of ABC, please air your Sept. 11th “docu-drama”

I have three things to say regarding your Clinton-bashing piece by an awoved conservative activist — a scant two months before the national election: boycott, boycott, boycott.

If you want to see all kinds of activists target ABC for airing Bush-loving propaganda, go ahead — make our day. I’m sure there will be more than a few letters to the FCC regarding your stations.

I look forward to your reply to my letter. Thank you for your attention.


Mr. Rand Wrobel


6 Responses to “Is ABC that stupid?”

  1. Shoulung Says:

    From what I have heard (I did not get an advance copy), it’s not so much a Clinton-bashing film as an expose of the “Willie got hummed while Rome burned” variety. The only people more upset than the Clintons are Ben Veniste and Gorelick, (Osama’s favorite Commission members) who were only on the 9-11 Commission to make sure that Clinton’s administration did NOT get blamed.

    Sorry, dude, open your eyes, the truth will set you free.

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  4. Rand Wrobel Says:

    My Response: Um, my rant did include a link to the page with the substantiating facts and references. I will admit that not having seen it, or read the script, that I’m working somewhat in the dark, using what credible sources I have. I just have a thing about revisionist histories. Could I ask for your sources from which you “heard”?

    I will take you up on your point about reading the 9-11 Commission Report.

    If a plot line that involves Clinton’s willie isn’t bashing (can’t we move on?), it would take a national political party to focus on that to the detriment of real issues. I wonder if the docu-drama will mention Bush’s reduction of anti-terrorism funds prior to 9/11?

    There no real chance ABC will pull 6 hours of primetime programming at the last minute (exec’s careers ride on such). My point is that they should exert some quality control. We will see if the movie corresponds to reality (or a narrow slice of it), to see what truth we are talking about.

  5. Shoulung Says:

    Good morning, there is quite a bit of judgement that I will reserve until Monday night, but: the fact is that there were several attacks made on this country and her interests abroad (1993 WTC bombing, Khobar towers, Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, and the USS Cole) and the Clinton administration did nothing to respond, avenge, or otherwise protect the honor of the US. Honor is a big thing in that part of the world, and the debacle in Somalia ‘proved’ the incompetence and weakness of the US in general and the Clinton administration in particular. The Islamic world believes that ‘negotiation’ and ‘diplomacy’ are tools of the weak. The West only realizes this rarely, and even then, seems to prefer to forget about it.

    The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions…but by iron and blood.

    Otto von Bismarck, in his first speech to the Prussian legislature as Minister-President, September 29, 1862

  6. Rand Wrobel Says:

    First, this morning we have news that ABC is frantically trying to re-edit the movie before it airs this weekend: see,20867,20378922-2703,00.html . There is a lot of pressure to withdraw it.

    Well, Shoulung, I think you have captured the essence of the difference between a hawk and a dove, and perhaps their different takes on the meaning of “honor”. I think all the events that you list were thoroughly investigated, and what perpetrators could be proven were pursued, and protective measures taken. No, Clinton didn’t start a war against a state because the terrorists are small non-state organizations. There were plenty of anti-terrorist activities in the Clinton era — so much so that Bush cut their budget!

    From my perspective, going into Somalia was by far one of the most honorable efforts by the US, in order to stave off genocide by warlords — when no other country would. Gee, there wasn’t even any oil there. I guess you wouldn’t agree with the majority of Americans now that the Iraq war was a HUGE unnecessary mistake, and that diplomacy would have spared thousands of American lives and limbs. How much more blood do you want to spill on Iraqi sand in the name of your honor?

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