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USA Today: Oceans could provide turning point in global warming

September 10, 2009

The following was published in USA TODAY Letters to the Editor on Apr 9, 2007. 
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Oceans could provide turning point in global warming
Rand Wrobel – Alameda, Calif.
USA TODAY’s article “Project aims to ‘seed’ oceans to heal them,” highlights scientific research that could someday be considered a turning point in the battle against global warming (Life, Tuesday).
But though the iron seeding approach could be the silver bullet to reverse warming in our lifetime, it must be aimed carefully.

Even if we cut carbon emissions to 1970 levels, or become totally carbon-neutral, the Earth will continue to warm for centuries because of the carbon dioxide already here. Some scientists believe that all the conservation and alternate energy efforts won’t change that. They believe the efforts just reduce further buildup. We are condemning generations to droughts, famines, hurricanes, underwater coastal cities, ruined economies and ravaged ecologies.

Restoring our ocean’s natural ability to consume carbon dioxide with iron seeding is an approach that could potentially suck enough of the carbon dioxide out of the air and give us a reset.

The research on this approach is the most important research our generation can do — our “moonshot.” Maybe it won’t be safe and effective, but we won’t know unless we study it to the extreme. Potentially, “save the algae, save the world.”